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Violin and Music Sheet

Current & Upcoming Creative Works 

Dripping Black Honey

Southern Black Dance Theatre presents, Dripping Black Honey, their second main stage production to raise funds for SBA's third annual summer camp. The dance concert features work inspired by Nashville artist MegPie and the creative work of local Nashville choreographers. Both in-theatre and virtual tickets become available April 1, 2024.



'UNHELD' is a dance for film created in conversation with the solo exhibition of Mississippi visual artist, Alexis Mcgrigg. The exhibition, "The Ether, Journey in Between" is an examination of the transformative nature and journey of black peoples. The film debuted August 6th, 2021.

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Textured Wall

Improv No. 8

At the beginning of our journey, we always explore through movement. Southern Black Dance Theatre shares an improv filmed in Nashville, TN.

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