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Our staff of certified instructors and trainers hosts weekly classes and workshops! Join us December 1st - December 5th for DEMO WEEKEND! ALL CLASSES ARE $10!!! Register TODAY! Class sizes limited.

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Buti Yoga

Brittany B.

Tuesdays 6:00PM

Vinyasa flow combined with HIIT + expressive movement.

Equipment: yoga mat, towel, water bottle

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Register at (931) 802-7986

Beginner Pole

Briana W. B., 

Wednesdays 6:30PM

Attire: shorts, tank/cami/sleeveless tee

Equipment: water, towel

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Register at (302) 757-0050

Two Girls Dancing


King A.

Mondays 6:00PM

Flow through stretches and isometric holds to strength and elongate the muscles. 

Attire: Any athletic wear

Equipment: yoga mat, blanket, towel, water

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Register via Instagram. Click the icon to the left.

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